How to Change or Cancel

How To Change Your Plan

If you wish to make changes to the content of your selected plan, please email our English Service Centre. If you wish to use the APPI Online Reservation Service to make your change, please ensure that you cancel your original booking at least 2 days prior to your arrival and then make a new booking. Please be careful not to double book.

How to Cancel

Please check the following details regarding the cancellation procedure for online bookings.
*Note: Please email our English Service Centre if you did not use our online booking service.

♦Cancellation Fees

No Show 100% / Check-in Day 80% / 1 Day Prior to Check-in 50% / 7 Days Prior to Check-in 20%
*There will be the cancellation fee when you cancel your stay which meets to the above dates.
*The cancellation fee refers to the above percentage of your total amount.

2 or More Days Prior to Check-in Date

♦Please Use Our Online Service

(1) Visit the Cancellation page
(2) Please copy and paste your booking number and registered email address into the appropriate fields…and Continue.
(3) Please select the content that you wish to cancel by checking the box. Proceed to the next page.

(4) Please double-check that the selected content is the one you wish to cancel, then click Submit.
(5) The confirmation of your cancellation will be sent to your registered email address. If you don't receive the email, please contact the English Service Centre of APPI Resort.

1 Day Prior to Check-in and Check-in Date

♦Please email the English Service Centre of APPI Resort to make a cancellation.